Sanctuary City Mayor: Trump Trying to Make Us ‘Fugitive Slave Catchers’


Not only is the image inflammatory and abhorrent, it totally misses the mark. 

The administration is not trying to return someone into forced, uncompensated labor. Rather, the goal is to deport people who are here illegally. 

See the difference? 

Far from challenging Baraka over his repellent metaphor, Sharpton adopted it, asking Baraka what will happen if the Trump admin starts cutting federal funds “because you won’t break rank and do what you said, [be] a fugitive slave kind of” catcher.

Note Baraka’s smile as he says “what I’ve called” fugitive slave catchers. So Baraka has used this vile phrase before and is well-pleased with himself about it.

AL SHARPTON: Newark, New Jersey’s Mayor Ras Baraka . . . The president has gone out of his way, the attorney general Jeff sessions actually threatened mayors like you of sanctuary cities turning off certain funding. Why are they targeting you?

RAS BARAKA: I think them targeting sanctuary cities a way for them to tell mayors and folks around the country that they’re sticking to what I think is an un-American and unconstitutional policy and trying to intimidate us into being what I’ve called fugitive slave catchers.

. . .

SHARPTON: What happens if they start cutting your federal funds because you won’t break rank and do what you said, [be] a fugitive slave kind of” [catcher]?