Ross Coates Speaks at the Moscow CUP

Ross Coates speaks at the Moscow Board of Adjustment on 2 Aug 2016 against Logos School. 

The thing I want you to notice is how Linda Pall lets him drone on for 7 minutes (the limit was 3 minutes) saying the wackiest things (“I’m sitting at an unfamiliar table, and there are little plates with unfamiliar things in them, and I’m taking nibbles and some are nice and other nibbles that taste bad and I don’t want them.”). No shutting down the neigh-sayers or stopping them when they say the wackiest things. 

This is in direct opposition to the way she cuts off a Logos student after 30 seconds of intelligent and articulate engagement. Well, we cannot allow that in Moscow progressive politics! 

Here’s the video of Ross. Be sure to watch the first two minutes. I’ve posted it in full in case you want some real laughs. 

You have to give him credit for the “inclusion” in that convincing argument concerning nibbles on the table. 


Ross Coats at CUP

Look at the way Linda Pall handles her progressive friends verses the way she handles Logos students.