Republican views of higher ed impact on society turn sharply negative

“There is only so long higher ed can continue biting the hand that feeds it.”

I have mixed feelings about this. I totally sympathize with the sentiments concerning bogus college and university programs. 

My recommendation is not to pull out, but to leave the BS degrees to the progressives (basically anything with a “xxx-studies” program), and for conservatives to focus on STEM degrees. The progressives will all be baristas or working at MacDonald’s (until the minimum wage goes up). 

If it’s not a STEM program, you can learn it elsewhere for much cheaper. 

Here is Pew’s summary:

… While a majority of the public (55%) continues to say that colleges and universities have a positive effect on the way things are going in the country these days, Republicans express increasingly negative views.

A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (58%) now say that colleges and universities have a negative effect on the country, up from 45% last year. By contrast, most Democrats and Democratic leaners (72%) say colleges and universities have a positive effect, which is little changed from recent years….

The survey finds that Republicans’ attitudes about the effect of colleges and universities have changed dramatically over a relatively short period of time.

As recently as two years ago, most Republicans and Republican leaners held a positive view of the role of colleges and universities. In September 2015, 54% of Republicans said colleges and universities had a positive impact on the way things were going in the country; 37% rated their impact negatively.

By 2016, Republicans’ ratings of colleges and universities were mixed (43% positive, 45% negative). Today, for the first time on a question asked since 2010, a majority (58%) of Republicans say colleges and universities are having a negative effect on the way things are going in the country, while 36% say they have a positive effect.

Among Republicans, there is an ideological gap in views of the impact of colleges and universities and other institutions: Nearly two-thirds of conservative Republicans (65%) say colleges are having a negative impact, compared with just 43% of moderate and liberal Republicans.