Republican Gov. Larry Hogan says he won’t vote for Donald Trump

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Another prominent Republican politician bails on Trump. From The Washington Times

Maryland’s Republican governor said Wednesday that he doesn’t plan to vote for the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“No, I don’t plan to,” Larry Hogantold The Washington Post when asked Wednesday whether he would cast a ballot for Mr. Trump. “I guess when I get behind the curtain I’ll have to figure it out. Maybe write someone in. I’m not sure.”

The first-term governor said he isn’t “pleased” with any of the candidates in the presidential race.

“I don’t think either party has put up its best candidate,” he said.

Mr. Hogan has repeatedly said he doesn’t support Mr. Trump, but declined to say whether he would vote for the real estate mogul until now, The Post reported. Mr. Hogan said he does not plan to attend the Republican National Convention this summer.