Rep. Moulton: Pelosi’s Response to Conyers Shows Why Dems Need New Leadership


Typical politicians. Pretend like they care about women, but they are only in it for the power. 

Democrats on Capitol Hill are voicing their concerns about the party’s leadership following the response to allegations of sexual misconduct by it’s own members.

Massachusetts Representative Seth Moulton criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday, saying her response to the allegations against Representative John Conyers did not amount to leadership.

Pelosi has come under fire for her handling of the allegations against Conyer in which she initially called him an icon, and didn’t ask him to step down.

She eventually went back on her comments, calling on Conyers to resign last Thursday.

However, the comments were too little too late for Moulton and other Democrats.

“It”s the sense that it’s more important to protect people in their positions or give people positions because of seniority or power rather than giving good people leadership because they earned it… and at the end of the day this just wasn’t leadership that we saw from our Democratic party leaders, and that’s why I’m calling for a new generation of leaders in our party,” stated Moulton.

Moulton was asked if he thinks Conyers should step down, and he suggested that he probably should.

The Democrat lawmaker added, he didn’t want to get into the details as it distracted from the larger issue of poor party leadership.