California Sued Over Plunging Literacy Levels


There is no incentive for the education-industrial complex to educate children well. In fact, there’s a perverse incentive to do it poorly. The worse they educate, the more money they can demand. 

A lawsuit has been filed against the state of California saying the state has allowed an appalling number of its students to fall below basic reading standards and failed to address weaknesses in its school system that are creating the problem.

According to the lawsuit, filed with aid from the Public Counsel law firm, California lags far behind US national literacy levels.

The lawsuit says the state is perfectly aware of the problem and that it failed to follow its own suggestions from a study requested by the state superintendent and state board of education president five years ago. 

According to Rosenbaum, less than half of California students from third to fifth grade have met statewide literacy standards since 2015. And this poor overall average masks some truly dire results in specific areas: in a particularly egregious example cited by the lawsuit, the La Salle Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles has only eight of 179 students meeting literacy standards.

Via Sputnick