Rep. Adam Schiff To Ukraine: Don’t Investigate Bidens

AP19323855508300Now here’s some qui pro quo for you. 

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff appears to be threatening Ukraine over its ongoing corruption probe of the Biden family. During the impeachment hearings on Tuesday, Schiff claimed Ukraine’s investigations into the Bidens could influence U.S. politics. He suggested Ukraine should leave the Bidens alone.

“The real message to Ukraine…our U.S. policy message is: don’t engage in political investigations,” stated Schiff.

Republican lawmakers have suggested Democrats, rather than President Trump, have tried to pressure the foreign government.

“If the Democrats and the media are suddenly so deeply concerned about bribery, you would think they would take some interest in Burisma paying Hunter Biden $83,000 a month,”said Rep. Devin Nunes. “And you think they would be interested in Joe Biden threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees unless the Ukrainians fired a prosecutor who is investigating Burisma — that would be a textbook example of bribery.”

Some officials in Kyiv expressed concerns of possibly losing bipartisan support in the U.S. over the Biden scandal. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainians are tired of the issue regarding energy company Burisma Holdings.

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Ukraine President Zelensky: “I think everybody in Ukraine is so tired about Burisma.”

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