Raising Costs and Firing People because of minimum wage hike in Washington

Via the LMT: 

Some, such as the Quality Inn and Happy Day Corp., are looking at ways to operate with fewer positions and weighing how much they can charge for goods and services without chasing away customers.

Others worry that people who are earning a healthy increment more than the current minimum wage will feel their buying power is diminished as the minimum wage climbs. Employers like the Clarkston School District, for example, are considering what it will take to recruit bus drivers and classroom assistants in an already tight job market.

Between 50 and 75 individuals in the district make $15 per hour, not counting benefits. That is just $1.50 per hour more than what the minimum wage will be by 2020, said Jim Fry, assistant superintendent at the Clarkston School District.

Yup. Laying off people and reducing hours to < 30 hrs/wk. 

Brilliant. Way to help the working poor, libs!