Putting America’s Gun Violence in Perspective — Chart 13

Zero Correlation Between State Gun Laws and Firearms Homicides



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The Washington Post compared 2012 homicide rates for each state to Brady Scores (the Brady campaign scores states on how strong they are on ‘gun control’). There was no connection between “stronger” gun laws and lower homicide rates.

Everyone finds gun murders abhorrent and wants there to be fewer victims. But in order to find the solution on how to reduce such murders in the United States, a balanced perspective at the national and international levels is needed.

When taking into account all available international data, there is no relationship between firearms ownership and gun homicide rates. The findings from a comparative perspective show that the U.S. has relatively high homicide rate among “developed” nations, but is lower than one would expect given its very high firearms ownership.

There are numerous cities with unacceptably high gun murder rates, but those tend to have stronger gun control laws.

A state-level breakdown shows no connection between gun control laws and lower homicide rates. New Hampshire and Vermont, for example, have “permissive” laws and the lowest homicide rates in the nation.