Public Service Announcement: Don’t Move to Moscow. Very Dangerous for Kids!

I posted previously about’s ranking Moscow, ID, and the #1 place to raise a family, Top 10 Best Affrordable Places to Live, and Top 100 best Places to Live.

If you are thinking of moving to Paradise Moscow Latah County Idaho, just don’t!

My friends and I have come up with a list of reasons not to.

  • Lots of people with guns!
  • Yearly burning of fields!
  • Forest fires!
  • MOOSE! Very dangerous. We had moose downtown last year!
  • Snakes. Lots of snakes! The Snake River isn’t called that for nothing!
  • Did I mention open carrying of guns?
  • Nazis! You know that Idaho has neo-Nazis under every rock!
  • Everyone here is racist, sexist, and patriarchal. Bad, bad place for kids.
  • Did I mention the guns?

No, this place isn’t safe for kids.

Everyone, stay where you are. There’s nothing worth moving here for.

There’s your selfish public service announcement for today. We’d appreciate your not raising the cost of living by moving to paradise.