Property tax freeze sparks debate

5e43a5fe84b7c imageYou heard it here first in my Op-Ed’s concerning property taxes being the most evil of all taxes. 

Rep. Mike Moyle’s bill, which would freeze property tax rates for one year

BOISE — A proposed freeze on local property tax collections prompted some heated comments — both pro and con — during a nearly two-hour hearing Tuesday.

The legislation, sponsored by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star, would freeze property tax collections at 2020 levels for one year. The restriction would apply to all non-school local taxing districts, including cities and counties.

Districts could exceed the cap with a two-thirds public vote. Absent that, they would be limited to collecting the same amount of property tax revenue as they receive this year. The non-property tax portion of their budgets, however, would not be affected.
When presenting the bill to the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, Moyle mentioned a “widow woman” he’s known since he was a boy who recently came to him in tears.

“The value on her home is skyrocketing because of new construction and growth, and her property taxes are through the roof,” he said. “She can’t afford it. She’s going to be put out of the home she’s lived in her whole life. It’s not fair. It’s not fair that we take people who have lived here their whole life and drive them out.”

\A temporary freeze, he said, would give stakeholders an opportunity to sit down, discuss this issue and find a solution that works for local government around the state, and for the taxpayers who bear the burden.

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