Progressives Enraged Over Buttigieg, Warn Him Against Attacking Warren At Tuesday’s Debate

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Progressives are urging 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg against attacking his competitors at this week’s Democrat debate. The 2020 hopeful has recently come under fire from left-wing activists for comments challenging the ideas of more liberal candidates in the race.

During an interview with Snapchat, Buttigieg appeared to take a swipe at Elizabeth Warren’s rejection of big money to fund her campaign. The South Bend mayor said he plans to make sure he has the resources to take on President Trump.

Buttigieg then took a jab at former congressman Beto O’Rourke over his gun buy-back proposal.

Adam Green on Twitter

It’s sad to see the potential self destruction of @PeteButtigieg, a rising star. Tues will be a key trajectory moment. Does he attack the next President Of The United States or take the high road & make positive waves by adding his unique voice to progressive issues of the day?

Critics of Buttigieg argue he should take the high-road and avoid attacks that hurt his political future. This comes as Buttigieg climbs in Iowa polls, positioning himself as a top-tier candidate with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

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