PRH staff want the hospital to offer gender reassignment surgeries despite projected costs to the taxpayer subsidized facility

NewImagePullman Regional Hospital will mutilate you at taxpayer’s expense. Via KQQQ

Staff at Pullman Regional Hospital are asking that PRH become the first hospital in the state to offer gender reassignment surgery, despite an estimated cost to the taxpayer subsidized facility. The issue came to light in June when Dr. Geoff Stiller was allowed to complete his training to be certified in the procedure. Dr. Stiller preformed 2 gender reassignment surgeries at PRH. That led to a public debate on whether or not the hospital should be the first in Washington to offer the controversial procedure. PRH Dr. Rod Story spoke out against the proposal arguing that multiple studies show that gender reassignment surgeries do not help the patient.

In a press release just issued tonight, it was announced that the hospital board will be asked on Wednesday night whether or not to offer the procedure at PRH. Staff wants the board to approve gender reassignment surgeries. The staff recommendation finds that the hospital facility can accommodate the procedures. The report is based on 2 gender reassignment procedures a month. It estimates that each surgery will cost the taxpayer funded public hospital about 2,000 dollars after insurance payment assumptions. That means the subsidized hospital is expected lose about 50,000 dollars annually to become the first in the state to offer gender reassignment. The gross loss could be much higher as the report found that PRH could handle up to 2 surgeries a week.

PRH accepted public comment on the issue in June. If you exclude the petitions signed by hundreds of people, most of those who commented supported offering gender reassignment surgeries by a margin of about 3 to one. The Pullman Regional Hospital Board is set to consider the issue during its meeting Wednesday night which starts at 6:00 at the hospital.