President Trump touts economy, praises impact of Historically Black Colleges & Universities

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President Trump recently took the stage at the 2019 National Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Week Conference, which was held in the nation’s capitol.

While speaking Tuesday, the president took the opportunity to list the achievements the White House has made to help these colleges and universities. He went on to highlight the major impact made by HBCU’s throughout U.S.history, and expressed gratitude for their work.

The president also touted the economy, specifically the record low unemployment numbers among African American workers. He then appeared to go off-script after receiving a round of applause to the remark, boasting his accomplishments against those of his 2020 competitors.

“The African American poverty rate also reached a new record low in the history of our country, the lowest poverty rate — that’s something,” he stated. “I don’t know, when I’m on that debate stage with whoever…these are pretty good numbers…who is going to beat these numbers? Please tell me.”

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