Piotrowski: I’m not a socialist


And yet, he self-identified as a socialist when he was hoping to ride Bernie’s shirttails.

I guess if you can self-identify as one thing for convenience, you can stop self-identifying when it’s inconvenient. 

James Piotrowski, the Democratic challenger to 1st District GOP Rep. Raul Labrador, said today that he’s not a socialist, but he described himself as one in a February tweet to make a point to supporters of then-presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist. “I’ve been called a socialist more times than you could imagine because of the legal work I do,” Piotrowski said, including representing labor unions. “So when I tweeted that out to Sanders supporters, it was trying to identify that I’m one of those folks that have been in the trenches, I’ve been called a socialist, I’ve been called an activist, I’ve been called a lot worse”. 

Here’s the tweet. You judge: 

The tweet, in response to another sent by Sanders sharply criticizing rival Hillary Clinton as too moderate, said, “@BernieSanders this tweet cost you the vote of this lifelong progressive, labor activist and socialist. This was beneath you.”