Pennsylvania’s Largest Insurer Pulling Out of ObamaCare in 27 Counties

President Obama’s signature legislation, the “Affordable Care Act” or Obamacare takes another hit as those who were promised they could “Keep their plan” are finding out that’s just not the case.  Highmark Inc, Pennsylvania’s largest insurers has announced this week they will be pulling out of the “health care marketplace” in 27 Counties in the state in 2017.  This move will leave approximately 70% of those currently covered under their plans without health insurance come January.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune:

The insurer’s withdrawal from the counties contributes to a reduction in competition across Pennsylvania after insurers Aetna and UnitedHealthcare withdrew completely from the 2017 market in the state. Eleven Western Pennsylvania counties will have only one insurer on the marketplace for 2017, leaving consumers less protected from rate increases and limited plan choices.

The Affordable Care Act continues to be a disaster for all of those involved, the patients, the insurance companies and the health care providers. Between the rising costs and limited choices, it’s near the tipping point of breaking down without any additional assistance from Republicans.

The disconnect is felt each time Obama proclaims that his signature project is a raging success, when headlines and bottom line reveal the opposite is true.

For the average person the costs alone have risen steadily since it’s inception, and this sentence appears to explain the mystery:

Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller said she approved rate hikes averaging 50 percent for Highmark’s marketplace plans to prevent the insurer from abandoning the marketplace altogether.