Op-Ed: Thoughts on the Current News Cycle

5f17bd50a561b image 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1My thoughts on the current Idaho news cycle. From today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News

The Idaho news cycle is currently full of fascinating stories. Here are my thoughts about some of them.

Liberals are panicking. An education savings accounts (ESA) proposal is before the Idaho Senate (S1161). Parents’ eyes were opened to the dark reality of woke government teachers’ unions during the Covid lockdowns when their children were banned from school.

The Boise legislative working committee reports “only 40% of Idaho students are proficient in math, only 55% in reading across all grades statewide, and only 29% of Idaho’s high schoolers are meeting college readiness benchmarks.”

They cry about ESA financial accountability, but this is what their “accountability” looks like: wasting money on the failing educational-industrial complex. I guarantee you that private schools, co-ops, tutors, etc. can do twice as well with half the money. But it’s not really about the money or learning now, is it?

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has filed a petition against attorney general Raúl Labrador’s office. Labrador wants to hold them accountable for the taxpayer money they have spent. This time, liberals are against financial accountability of taxpayer money. They argue that “he needed to have reason to believe the grant program was not lawfully administered.” The hypocrisy is easy to spot because it’s always left leaning.

Moscow mobile home communities (Abiel, Appaloosa, Palouse Hills, and Woodland Heights) are rightfully concerned about new leases with big rent hikes. This is what happens when renters vote to increase property taxes, as if those have no impact on them. For those of you who rent, here’s a secret: landlords pass tax increases directly along to you. They have to.

Latah County has the fourth highest property taxes in all of Idaho. The MSD taxing district has the highest taxes in the entire state of Idaho. Liberals think that they can tax everyone into prosperity. See how well that is working out in California? Renters: vote against tax hikes that will put your money in the government’s wasteful pockets. Your good intentions are pricing you right out of your homes and onto the streets.

Idaho HB 126 would require valid photo identification and residency information that can be used for registration and voting. It also removes the option to use student ID for voting. This bill is identical to the requirements I had as an out-of-state college student and military member for 23 years. Liberals are dead set against this.

Moscow liberals would love nothing better than to have non-residential college students voting in Latah County and Moscow City elections. They know that students won’t swing the state or national elections, but they can swing local elections.

The Washington and Idaho GOP have proposed bills to save the Snake River dams. “Save the salmon!” is the rallying cry. But we would lose 900 megawatts of ultimate renewable hydroelectric power. It would end irrigation near Tri-Cities and stop tug-and-barge transportation of farmers’ crops between Lewiston and Portland. Two years ago, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) released a $33.5 billion plan that would breach the dams and invest in affected communities and industries across the Northwest. How many salmon could we transport upstream for $33.5 billion?

Idaho HB71 criminalizes castrating a boy or performing a double-mastectomy on a girl, which liberals call “gender-reaffirming healthcare.” Liberals would have you believe that castrating and mutilating our confused youths is an act of love and affirmation. In reality, they will one day have to answer for leading an entire generation down a path of confusion, regret, and irreversible sexual and bodily trauma.

Idaho SB1100a requires schools to maintain separate restroom, shower, and changing facilities for biological males and biological females. This prevents sexual deviants dressed like young girls from infiltrating your daughters’ locker rooms and claiming their right to shower with girls.

Liberals have whittled gender down to the clothes you prefer to wear, eliminating any meaningful definition of manhood or womanhood that would include our unchangeable genetic differences. What is a woman, we ask? They can’t answer, but they will stop at nothing to make sure their delusions are affirmed in every corner of society. Thankfully, Idaho is fighting back. I suggest everyone move to a state that is, before it’s too late for your children.