Op-Ed: The Masterful Puppetry of the Deep State

5f17bd50a561b image 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1My editorial on the Deep State pulling the strings ran in today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News

The “deep state”—a tangled network of government bodies, the intelligence community (IC), the military, and non-state actors—is no abstract concept. This elusive cabal, where unelected officials and corporate magnates pull the strings behind a facade of visible governance, defies democratic checks and balances to promote their agendas with little to no public accountability.

These shadowy actors hold substantial influence over significant aspects of governance, such as foreign policy, national security, and economic decisions. Are our democratic principles truly in control, or is the “deep state” steering?

Over the past twenty years, we’ve witnessed the profound influence of the deep state. Back in 2013, NSA contractor and whistleblower, Edward Snowden, blew the lid off the clandestine world of global surveillance. His leaks revealed a chilling alliance between the NSA, telecom companies, and even European governments, mining our data from tech titans like Google, Apple, and Microsoft under operations like PRISM.

The 2020 Hunter Biden laptop scandal, a stark testament to deep state operations, unveiled a multilayered influence-peddling campaign tied to the Biden family, with tendrils in Ukraine, Russia, and China. Yet this damning evidence was muzzled by a deftly coordinated cover-up involving federal agencies, the IC, and tech juggernauts like Twitter and Facebook. This collusion, corroborated by the “Twitter Files“ and attested to by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, exposed a tale of censorship and disturbing deep state-Silicon Valley alliances.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, Western “liberal” nations showcased a stark swing towards authoritarianism: mandatory vaccines, masking, lockdowns, vaccine passports, and shutdowns of “non-essential” businesses and churches. Our constitutionally protected freedoms weren’t just infringed upon, they were steamrolled. And as if that wasn’t enough, the resulting mess of production and transportation gaps left our economies straining while the pharmaceutical-industrial complex boomed.

According to the Twitter Files, the IC controlled the Covid narrative by directly manipulating social media platforms, i.e., pressuring Twitter to suppress any content that didn’t follow the desired narrative. A whole regime of bots and overseas contractors tried to flatten the factual truth by suspending accounts, combing through content for red flags, and labelling ‘misinformation’ at every turn.

Take for instance the sweeping censorship faced by Stanford professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a key voice behind the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD). This document bravely pointed out the ruinous fallout of Biden’s Covid policies, which unleashed devastation of an unprecedented scale. Bhattacharya’s scientifically grounded dissent was suppressed by Twitter and skewed by Reddit, and Google. This ‘take-down’ campaign of Fauci and NIH director Francis Collins to replace the GBD with the Fauci narrative is only a glimpse into the intricate web of IC manipulation.

Just last week, the conclusions of the long-awaited Durham Report were revealed. As expected, the investigation into the FBI’s surveillance of former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign brought to light the complete lack of evidence for the Trump-Russia collusion claims. The report showed how the FBI tossed aside protocol and valid counter-evidence to blow up the outrageous narrative of Russia manipulating the 2016 election, Trump compromising with Russia, Hillary Clinton should have won – all in a carefully orchestrated attempt by the deep state that was nothing short of a shadow government coup.

The Durham Report confirmed how the Hillary Clinton campaign concocted the Trump-Russia narrative as a diversion from her email server scandal. Ironically, during the final 2016 presidential debate, Hillary falsely cast Trump as “Putin’s puppet” while she herself was the puppet master pulling the strings on this grand charade.

Awareness of Hillary’s concocted conspiracy reached as high as the heads of the FBI, DOJ, CIA Director John Brennan, and even President Obama. Yet it didn’t deter Obama or the rest from fanning the flames of Russiagate.

The deep state’s insidious orchestration, spanning the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, the Covid narrative, and Russiagate, reveals a democracy not merely manipulated but under full-blown siege. These revelations demand not just transparency but accountability as well as a concerted pushback against this covert power structure for the sake of a true democracy that reflects the voices of the people.

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