Only 14% Of Americans Agree With Amnesty For Illegals; New Poll Finds

2023 01 25 09 13 32Dems are again out of touch with Americans.

A poll has found that the vast majority of Americans do not agree that there should be a blanket amnesty for immigrants who have cross the border into the United States illegally.

The survey, conducted by The Trafalgar Group in partnership with Convention of States Action, found that only fourteen percent agreed that citizenship should be granted to those have have entered illegally.

A total of 59.5 percent of Americans said that “those in review should complete their reviews and either be removed or granted asylum, and those here illegally should be expelled.”

Screenshot: The Trafalgar Group

Meanwhile, 15 percent said that “only those in asylum review should be granted amnesty and citizenship.”

Most interestingly, fewer than three percent of hispanic voters said that illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay permanently.

Even 36 percent of Democrats responded that no blanket amnesty should be enacted, compared to 30 percent who believe it should.

The same poll found that most Americans still want President Trump’s border wall completed, with 62.6 percent agreeing that it is “essential to US National Security.”

Highlighting the political divide on the wall, more than 86 percent of Democrats said they do not support it, while a massive majority of almost 93 percent of Republicans do support it.

2023 01 25 09 14 00Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States noted that “While Democrats continue to pander to Hispanics and pretend they want open borders and mass illegal immigration, the data overwhelmingly shows that they, as American citizens, want illegal immigrants expelled from the country.”

“While it is the Biden Administration’s responsibility to secure the border and expel those trying to enter illegally–and it has utterly failed to do so for two years–the new Congress has the ability to exercise vigorous oversight and put heat on the White House. Clearly, such oversight has the strong backing of voters,” Meckler added.