One Funny Fact About Those 1,800 People Who Were Accidentally Made Citizens

Only two days ago it was reported that over 800 people had been erroneously granted citizenshipYesterday, we were told the number was actually 1,800. And now, we know even more:


This is sure to get the anti-immigrant crowd riled up. A new Inspector General’s report found that the U.S. government mistakenly gave citizenship to at least 858 immigrants who were supposed to be deported or came from countries with high rates of immigration fraud.

The immigrants with questionable backgrounds were not identified by name but reportedly all came from “special interest countries.” Those countries include those that pose a national security concern to America.

In addition, the auditors found that 953 people had been naturalized despite having outstanding deportation orders. What’s even more troubling is that the audit by DHS Inspector General John Roth found fingerprints missing from the federal database for 315,000 immigrants. According to the AP, at least three of the immigrants who were mistakenly granted citizenship were able to get jobs with aviation or transportation credentials, allowing them access to secure areas. Those credentials were revoked after it was discovered they got citizenship improperly.


Via RedState