NYT refutes CNN’s Russia spy story


CNN refuted by the NY Times??? 😂

CNN recently touted a bombshell report, only to be debunked by The New York Times. The cable network issued a story Monday, claiming the CIA brought a long-time Kremlin asset home in 2017. CNN cited concerns surrounding President Trump’s handling of confidential information.

However, The New York Times later came out with its own version of the story, saying the CIA offered to extract the asset before President Trump took office. The spy rejected the offer in 2016, but eventually decided to come home in 2017 in response to the media’s fixation on the Russian collusion hoax.

Even other commentators on CNN questioned the accuracy of the reporting from their own network.

“I question whether this angle of this story, about whether the president’s engagement with intelligence was actually a spur in the extraction of the informant, I suspect there are other issues here. What they do say is suspicion about how the president looks at intelligence generally,North Korea, Syria, etc. — he’s suspicious.” 

— Phil Mudd, analyst – CNN

Via OAN Newsroom

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