New Ultrasound Technology Can Detect Up To 50 Genders

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U.S.—Advanced new prenatal ultrasound technology can detect up to 50 genders.

The technology will be put to use in clinics and hospitals right away, so parents can know if they’re going to have a boy, girl, or one of the 48 other genders it’s capable of detecting. There are, of course, hundreds more genders, but researchers are still working on upgrading the technology to detect all the other ones.

“There was this huge problem we were having, where parents-to-be were under the illusion that their child could only be a boy or a girl,” said Brenda Watts, CEO of DiverseSound Tech, LLC, the creator of the new ultrasound. “This led to gender reveal parties where the baby was assigned the wrong gender. It was really embarrassing when everyone celebrated with pink balloons when the baby actually identified as a 30-story-tall building.”

“Now you can know for sure if your little one is male, female, agender, genderfluid, pangender, demigender, or a tater tot,” she added.

Unfortunately, most people who would have liked this technology are aborting their children anyway, so DiverseSound quickly filed for bankruptcy.


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