New Clinton emails released by the State Department—and more are coming

Clinton’s run for president began with questions about her emails and it’s going to end with questions about her emails.

Less than a week before the election over a thousand emails were released as part of a lawsuit against Clinton, although most of the information was released previously and information deemed classified by the FBI was not released.

Wait, what? Hillary said that there was no classified information. 

But I digress. 

In a 2010 email from Clinton adviser Huma Abedin, suggested language was tossed around about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after he published State Department cables.

“We view this not as a ‘clever game’ of wiki leaks but rather as a ‘criminal act’ against the United States of America,” read the suggested statement. “He might think this is a clever game today-but when he is prosecuted and if convicted-he will move from being a clever-cyber thief to a convicted criminal–and will find out that’s a whole different kind of game.”