Most snow in nearly 3 decades in coastal South

NewImageRemember: it’s weather in the winter when record cold and record snowfall occurs. 

It’s climate in the summer. 

FYI, this photo is in Savannah, Georgia. 

A brutal winter storm slammed the coastal South on Wednesday, hitting parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina with their heaviest snowfall in nearly three decades.

The weather service reported 5 inches of snow in Charleston, South Carolina, the most snowfall in Charleston since December 1989. In Savannah, Georgia, snow blanketed the city’s downtown squares. And Tallahassee, Florida, saw snow for the first time in 28 years.

On Thursday. I-95 was nearly an icy parking lot for almost all of its 200 miles in South Carolina. Wrecks numbered in the hundreds.

Pipes burst, heat failed, schools closed, and airports shut down in both Savannah and Charleston.

A winter storm warning extended from the Gulf Coast of Florida all the way up the Atlantic coast.

Via the Times Free Press