Moscow presents home ownership challenges

The University of Idaho artificially inflates the cost of homes in Moscow. From the Daily News

Latah County has the fourth most expensive housing market in the state, Moscow Affordable Housing Trust Executive Director Nils Peterson said Wednesday during his talk, “The Challenge of Affordable Home Ownership in Moscow,” to the League of Women Voters of Moscow at its weekly meeting.

The cost of homes in the county is being driven up by those in Moscow, where the median price for homes hovers around $200,000, according to data Peterson presented.

The reason for that is rather unexpected, as Moscow classifies as a resort community, regardless of having no water, space for winter sports or other common attractions for tourists, Peterson said.

“Why?” Peterson asked. “Because outside visitors come here. In our case they’re students.”

Peterson said students come to the area with money brought from other locations, such as loans and parental financial support.

Peterson said as home prices are more or less dictated by factors other than what residents in the area can afford, the goal is to bridge the gap between resident income and home cost.

“Our houses are relatively expensive compared to our wages,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Moscow presents home ownership challenges”

  1. Scott Dredge

    ‘The University of Idaho artificially inflates the cost of homes in Moscow.’


    1. That was the result of the study.
      Think about it this way: if it weren’t for the UI, Moscow would be another Colfax.

  2. Scott Dredge

    So would be Pullman without WSU. So would be any other college town.

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