Monster Solar Minimum Approaching?

This probably invests me more than most of you. But since I majored in Physics and spent years studying global cooling (the “Coming Ice Age”) during the 1970s, I’m attuned to the effects that the sun and the planets have on our climate. 

Namely: that big fusion reactor in the sky that determines our climate. 

There are well known climate cycles that have nothing to do with man’s carbon emissions (see my previous post on this). 

One of these best known cycles is the solar minimum / maximum that corresponds to Jupiter’s 11 year orbit around the sun. 

There are also cycles that depend on when Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn line up on one side of the sun (actually making the center of gravity of our solar system outside the sun itself). 

And during these solar cycles, there are minimums and maximums that are different in size. 

We are heading into a monster solar minimum. This will effect the solar output, which means less energy to the earth, which means cooler temperatures. There is a time lag between these solar events. It doesn’t happen over night.