Millions Of Americans Still Don’t Have A ‘Real ID’

Real 659x437If you don’t have an official form of ID, you need one to fly. 

And don’t fall for the versions by the states that give driver’s licenses out like candy to illegal aliens. 

Millions of Americans still do not have a ‘Real ID,’ which may pose some problems for air travel later this year. According to the U.S. Travel Association, at least 99 million Americans don’t have the new ID, which will be required to fly beginning October 1, 2020.

Ahead of the new rule, several lawmakers have asked the Department of Homeland Security to come up with a contingency plan, so people aren’t turned away once the new law takes effect.

Homeland Security on Twitter

DHS has been listening to state governments and stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue to help ensure all air travelers are #REALID compliant. Read more:

Travel experts have said the change in ID requirements could impact holiday travel.

“We’re absolutely not ‘Real ID’ ready at all, we know 99 million Americans don’t have a ‘Real ID’,” Tori Barnes, Vice President of the U.S. Travel Association. “It’s going to be Thanksgiving 2020 where Grandma goes to get on a plane and she can’t go see her grandkids.”

TSA agents are already informing travelers of the upcoming requirements in an effort to encourage individuals to obtain the new ID.