Low on Funds, Colonial Williamsburg Scales Back

Cites “less American history being taught in schools” as reason attendance has dropped.

More than $300 million in debt, Colonial Williamsburg has been forced to outsource some functions and cut staff.

One of the best, long-standing American Colonial History attractions, Williamsburg has experienced a sharp decline in attendance over the last few years.

Colonial Williamsburg is an educational goldmine, but it also costs a pretty penny to visit and enjoy. Even with steep prices, the foundation is struggling to stay afloat. While they’ve cited a lack of interest and “less American history being taught in schools”, it appears the Foundation. 

Losing millions of dollars, Colonial Williamsburg makes ‘difficult decisions’

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — The President and CEO of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation announced “difficult decisions” were made in an effort to keep the historic tourist attraction up and running. In addition to cutting budgets in all departments, Colonial Williamsburg will begin outsourcing jobs it once handled itself.