Laguna Beach Liberals Triggered By American Flag On Police Cars

Squad car 2I heard about this on the radio news this morning. They are offended by police and by red, white, and blue letters. 

Progressives living in the wealthy Southern California enclave of Laguna Beach have become triggered by a recent decision to repaint the city’s police cars with the American flag running through lettering on the doors, according to theLA Times

The design – approved in February – was deemed by some to be “unfit for the artists’ community.” The ensuing debate has pitted flag supporters against flag opponents, and should make for an interesting City Council meeting Tuesday evening. Officials say the matter is “far more nuanced,” according to the Times

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow said Monday the council is simply facing “a very narrow decision” about the brightness of the colors, but that the issue has devolved into a broader national conversation about patriotism.

He said he has received hundreds of emails from people around the country, mostly in support of keeping the flag designs on the car. –LA Times