Judge unseals Steele deposition, Sen. McCain associate confirms he gave Dossier to Buzzfeed

26113845418895947I’m guessing Trump knew this. Which would explain part of the animosity. 

New details come to light about the infamous Steele Dossier, and the players involved in its dissemination.

A federal judge unsealed 43 pages of a deposition on Thursday, from the document’s author Christopher Steele.

The testimony revolves around a tech executive who Steele claims took part in the hacking of DNC servers.

The tech executive has denied the claims in the document, and is suing Steele and Buzzfeed over the publication of the Dossier.

Perhaps the biggest revelation was the deposition given by David Cramer, a long-time associate of the late Senator John McCain.

He confirmed he gave the Dossier to Buzzfeed, and 11 other reporters including CNN’s Carl Bernstein.