Jewish advocacy group seeks apology from Rep. Omar following ‘anti-Semitic’ tweets


You only have to read the Koran to realize that the book is anti-Semitic to the core. Which means that any faithful followers of Islam must be as well.

A Jewish advocacy organization is calling on Democratic lawmaker Ilhan Omar to apologize after making what some are calling anti-Semitic comments.

On Sunday, Omar claimed the reason GOP leaders lashed out at anti-Israel comments was because of money, saying “its all about the Benjamins.”

When a Twitter user asked Omar who she thought was paying Americans to be pro-Israel the freshman representative responded by saying AIPAC, which is a major pro-Israel lobbying group.

New York Representative Max Rose called Omar’s remarks “deeply hurtful” to the Jewish people, including himself. He went on to say her implication that Americans only support Israel because of money is offensive.