Jason Whitlock Perfectly Explains Why Everyone Hates ESPN…

Are you tired of the leftist politics being preached by ESPN? So are the rest of the viewers. They’ve lost a ton of their viewership. So so make ends meet, they fired their best sports reporters and kept the liberal political pundits. Brilliant. It doesn’t take a PhD to see where this is headed. 

Jason Whitlock (see NFL Ratings Drop MAJORLY Following Athlete Protests and Radio Host Hilariously Calls Out Fraud, Shaun King, on His ‘Blackness’), a former ESPN contributor, says to look to sports culture for an idea why so many viewers are fleeing ESPN like a feminist flees beauty standards. Or soap.

How ESPN lost Republican viewers

Study reveals how liberal beleaguered sports network has become and why it lost so many Republican viewers in 2016 #Tucker

I do think is a direct result of their lurch to the left, and injecting progressive victimology into the sports conversation.If you really understand sports culture, and all the values taught in sports, from Little League, Pee Wee, on, you’re never a victim. There are never any excuses that are accepted. Every coach teaches every play from 5 years old to 45 years old, we don’t tolerate excuses, we don’t tolerate victimology, and now so much of the conversation by the sports media, ESPN being the leader of this, is just filled with so-and-so is a victim, Colin Kaepernick is a victim, everybody’s a victim. It’s turning traditional sports fans off.