Immigration Attorney: There’s No Such Thing As Sanctuary Cities

Immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez appeared on Tucker’s show to claim that there is no such thing as sanctuary cities, that they are “political fiction.”

Perhaps more outrageous than his semantics games, Hernandez behaved most inappropriately, smirking as Ed Henry, sitting in for Tucker, asked about criminal illegal aliens and Kate Steinle.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

To start the interview, Henry asked Hernandez how he could believe that there are no sanctuary cities in America despite numerous mayors proclaiming their jurisdictions as such.

“It is fiction, political fiction,” Hernandez replied. “The federal government can walk into any prison, jail, local authority and take anyone they want away.”

Hernandez’s argument centered around the belief that cities cannot protect illegal immigrants from federal enforcement organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security.

Following Hernandez’s answer, Henry presented a map showing all of the sanctuary cities throughout the United States.

“You can put pins on the map. It doesn’t matter,” Hernandez said as the map was displayed.

“Local officials in those cities will not give the Department of Homeland Security this information about illegal aliens who have been arrested, and thus they are not deported and can commit crimes,” Henry responded.

Hernandez started to laugh when delivering his response, which did not sit well with Henry.

“I don’t know why you are laughing, because they commit crimes in America every day,” Henry said of illegal immigrants.


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