If Labrador vacated seat …

Labrador has been publicly speculating about a possible run for governor of Idaho in 2018. That’s already prompted David Leroy, former Idaho lieutenant governor and former Idaho attorney general, to begin exploring a run for Labrador’s seat. Leroy confirmed last week that he’s interested. He ran for the same seat in 1994, finishing second in a four-way GOP primary to eventual winner Helen Chenoweth.

Leroy said he’d run in a special election if Labrador leaves the office. “Absolutely – if Congressman Labrador determines to make that an open seat, I will immediately explore the possibility of running,” he said Monday. “I have had many discussions with key leaders about the possibility of running and remain in that stage.”

If Labrador were to leave office to join the Trump Administration, others likely also would be interested in the seat. Idaho would have to hold a special election to fill the 1st District seat in Congress; it’s the seat that represents North Idaho.

Idaho’s never held a special election for the U.S. House before; it’s the only state that hasn’t. If it did, there would be no primary. 

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