Identity Politics

This follows along with the findings I posted about elsewhere: Dem’s More Likely to Unfriend Regarding Political Posts. And it goes along with my opinion that the democrats are the least tolerant of anyone in America. 

My friend James G. writes: 

Indeed, it is quite likely that [many on the left] even believe their imaginative construct [of accusing Trump and his followers of being ‘racist’.] After all, Identity Politics has, up to now, generally been a winning tactic.
The following line of thought appears to be very self-deceptive:
1. I am a pretty good person.
2. I believe certain political positions.
3. Certain other people oppose those positions.
4. Therefore, those others are bad persons.
– a. Bad persons are racist, ‘homophobes’, sexists, etc.
– b. I should neither listen to nor give credence to anything those bad persons say or write.
The gent I was discussing with was quick to respond: “racist a**hole”, and ” may you die slowly & painfully you racist asshole who I unfriended…”
It was as if he wanted to illustrate my point.