Idaho’s Rep. Labrador seeks path beyond Trump

Congressman Raul Labrador says he could get behind efforts to knock out Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, but only if different kingmakers were leading the charge. If the plans were to put a conservative at the top of the ticket – such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky or Mike Lee of Utah — “some of us might get behind that,” Raul said last week in a Capitol Hill press conference, “Conversations with Conservatives.” But that is not the case, he says. The mood is stronger for elevating an “establishment” figure, such as Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney or Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. As Labrador observes correctly, Bush was knocked out early in his presidential bid, Romney was the Republican loser in the last presidential election and Kasich couldn’t win anything other than his home state. “They don’t want to listen to the 70 percent of the American people that rejected them,” Labrador said.

OK — but if convention delegates nominated Lee for the presidency, as Labrador would be friendly toward, then the GOP would have a candidate who has “zero” support of the American people. That’s not a formula for defeating Hillary Clinton.

Via Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune