Idaho State Report: Five More Idaho Children Died In 2013 Because Parents Had Religious Objection To Medical Treatment

The Idaho Child Fatality Review Team has published its third annual report, this one reviewing child deaths in 2013, and it found five more Idaho children died because their parents’ religious beliefs prevented them from seeking medical treatment. That brings the total over three years of reviews to 10 Idaho children. However, the report notes that because Idaho Vital Statistics doesn’t compile the number of such deaths, the full number is difficult to estimate. The report drew on death certificates and coroner’s reports. All five who died in 2013 were newborn infants, the team reported; its full report is online here. Causes of death included meconium aspiration, intestinal blockages, and sepsis. 

1,353 abortions were performed in Idaho in 2013.1 Those kids were murdered in the womb because those mothers wanted to be rid of them. And the progressives are upset about 5 kids who may have died because of their parents’ faith? 

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Via Eye on Boise