Idaho State Department of Education releases school rankings

“Troy Elementary highest-ranked school on the Palouse; Moscow’s A B McDonald is right behind”

Note: at $14,000 per child per year, they should be #1 in the state! 

That State Department of Education released a ranking of Idaho schools to show areas of proficiency, growth and improvement.

The ranking system was created in 2018 when the federal government had states identify the lowest-performing schools so the state departments of education could assist those places with more funding and support. The list is supposed to be compiled every three years but was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Idaho Education News.

Troy Elementary was the highest-ranked school on the Palouse in the 25th spot with a score of 91, and closely behind was Moscow’s A B McDonald Elementary in 26th with a 91 score.

For elementary schools, the rankings are based on test results and growth in English and math, English learners’ growth in language proficiency and student engagement results. High school scores also include graduation rates and college and career readiness.

Idaho Education News found that most lower-ranked schools have more racial diversity and lower socioeconomic status. Four of the schools in the bottom of the rankings have a location on or near reservations or in rural areas and two are alternative schools that help at-risk students.

The complete rankings can be found at

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