Idaho School District Issues Laptops To High School Students

Another “transfer of wealth” scheme. 

I would love for someone to show me a study that demonstrates that the more tech toys students have, the better their education is (demonstrated by objective aptitude tests). 

In my person experience, the less tech toys a student has, the more they have to think for themselves and the more they learn & know. 

NAMPA, Idaho – An Idaho school district will hand out nearly 2,000 laptops as the first phase of a personalized learning initiative.

KTVB-TV reports that the Nampa School District will issue the Dell Latitude laptops to Columbia High School students this week. The computers can be used at school and at home.

The laptops are part of a three-year, $3.5 million project to modernize classroom technology and curriculum. It will also feature professional development for teachers.

Superintendent David Peterson says the initiative is about providing the necessary electronic tools for students and teachers as the district moves toward more personalized, project-based learning.

Ninth-graders will be able to use the laptops throughout all four years at Columbia High School.

Apparently they don’t know about the fiasco in the LA Unified School District.