Idaho property taxes working group begins its task

PropertytaxI’m not a fan of the State telling cities what they can and cannot do. 

But when you live with socialists, we need some level-headed intervention in Moscow. 

BOISE — The first meeting of the state legislative property tax working group is scheduled for Monday.

Republican lawmakers have voiced opposition to what they say is runaway city spending as one of the main reasons for rising property taxes.

“The only way you are ever going to get the problem solved is to prevent the locals from increasing their budgets,” state Rep. Mike Moyle said at a recent GOP town hall meeting. “Somehow you have to rein in these local governments. There are ways to do it, but it is going to cause the locals to have to give up a little of their taxing authority.”
But others point to the decision by the state in 2016 to cap the homeowners exemption at $100,000 as a major cause of rising property taxes, and a shift of burden to residential property taxes from commercial property taxes.

And many people point to the bonds and levies passed by voters to either build new schools because of growth or prop up their local school districts’ budgets becasue of lack of funding from the state.

Via the LMT

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