Idaho Education 2019 Report Card

I received Idaho Education News’ “2019 Report Card” in the mail.

The data is from the Idaho State Department of Education and the Idaho State Board of Education. 

There is much here to be angry about: 

  • The goals set for Math and English Language Arts are failing levels (51.3% and 60.8%). Who sets their goals at failing? 
  • The achievement in all areas (Math: 45.2%; English Language Arts: 55.6%; English Proficiency: 55.7%) was failing across the board. 
  • 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency is 73.7%

Because of property taxes in Moscow, we are paying $12,000+ per student per year for a failing education. 

The government has a history of throwing money at a problem to only make it worse. 

IMG 0515IMG 0516

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