HUD Secretary: PC Culture Will Destroy America

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The secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says political correctness will destroy the country. Ben Carson made those remarks during a congressional hearing Tuesday when he was asked about comments he reportedly made during a meeting last month.

According to reports, he made comments about transgender people entering women’s bathrooms. When asked to apologize for his remarks, however, he explained it was a misunderstanding and then went on to blast the idea of political correctness.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton on Twitter

Today I gave @SecretaryCarson the opportunity to apologize for his remarks slurring transgender women as, “big, hairy men.” Regrettably, he declined that opportunity. Hateful words translate into discriminatory policy-and Secretary Carson has demonstrated that time and again.

This comes as the Housing Department is considering a rule, which would allow shelters to consider people’s sex and gender when deciding whether to accommodate them.

What could possibly go wrong?