Hospital says comments mostly back reassignment surgeries

“If you feel like a girl, we can help you out with that. Snip here; snip there; and voilà! You’re a girl”. 

Ridiculous. Via the LMT

After asking for public comment, the Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners has received overwhelming support for providing gender reassignment surgeries.

During a public comment period that ran June 8-20, the hospital received 2,074 comments expressing support for the procedures and 383 comments opposed. Sixty-five comments were determined to be neutral.

The board briefly discussed the results at their monthly meeting Wednesday night, but didn’t make any decisions regarding the future of such procedures at the hospital. In fact, the board had many unanswered questions.

“How much weight are we giving this information?” Commissioner Margaret Werre asked of the public comments.

“I’m not sure we have weighted it,” Board President Patricia Grantham replied. “This is part of the decision-making process.”

“Have we come up with a cost of what we will be benefiting from?” Werre asked.

Grantham said cost benefits have yet to be determined.

Cost and benefits to whom? To the patient? 

Or is this just another pot of gold for the medical community?