Grant will fund transgender study

Let’s spend $1m in taxpayer money to study how parents abuse their children. All the while applauding their efforts in doing so. 

UW project gets $1 million to look at gender identity issues involving children

Grant will fund transgender study

The first large-scale, national study of transgender children, including some as young as 3, is poised to expand thanks to a five-year, $1 million grant awarded Thursday by the National Science Foundation to the professor leading the project. University of Washington psychologist Kristina Olson, 36, was named winner of the NSF’s annual Alan T.

2 thoughts on “Grant will fund transgender study

  1. Better to pass unconstitutional laws banning trannies from using public restrooms costing North Carolina $3.76 BILLION in lost revenue???

    • The taxpayers of North Carolina can decide if it’s worth that to them or not.

      But I have no say in my tax dollars going to study 3-year-olds being told to transition to the other sex by their parents. The feds are taking my money to study child abuse.

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