Gov. Abbott Bans Sanctuary Cities in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared a ban on sanctuary cities in the state. He stated that elected officials do not get to choose which state and federal laws to enforce:

“As elected officials, it is our responsibility to protect all Texans,” Abbott said during his State of the State speech today in Austin. “It’s our burden to deal with the consequences of the federal government not doing its job to secure our border,” Abbott continued.

“Now let’s be clear about this: We all support legal immigration into the United States; legal immigration is what’s built the United States of America,” Abbott said. “What must be stopped is illegal immigration — and worse, the criminals who conspire with cartels to enter the U.S. illegally,” Abbott continued.

“Texas can’t change federal immigration laws. What Texas can do is to enforce existing law,” said Abbott.

Greg Abbott on Twitter

Today I declared banning sanctuary cities to be an emergency item in Texas. We’ll get this done & penalize the offenders. #txlege