Gallup: Congressional Job Approval Spikes Up Since Trump Inauguration

Via Gallup

Congressional job approval jumped to 28% this month from 19% in January. This is the largest month-to-month increase since a 12-percentage-point rise between January 2009, when former President Barack Obama was first inaugurated, and February 2009. The current 28% job approval rating is the highest since early fall 2009 and is close to Gallup’s historical average (30%). The increase comes after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president gave Republicans control of the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Graph showing Congress job approval going back through 2008

The increase in congressional job approval in February is mainly the result of a surge in Republicans’ approval, which more than doubled in the past month, to 50%. Independents’ approval increased slightly to 25%, and Democrats’ approval dropped eight points to 11%.

This mirrors the pattern seen in February 2009 after Obama took office and gave Democrats control of Congress and the presidency. Democrats’ approval rose from 18% to 43% between January and February of that year, while Republicans’ approval fell by four points. Independents’ approval rose from 17% to 29%.