Fox is the only major cable news station to report on ABC News allegedly spiking Epstein story

Fox is the only cable news station reporting on the Jeffrey Epstein coverup

This is fascinating. What did the networks gain by covering this up? 

Fox News is currently the only major cable network devoting airtime to covering the Jeffrey Epstein ABC News bombshell that broke in the last 24 hours.

Video released yesterday showed ABC News Breaking News Reporter and Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach — unaware that she was wearing a live microphone — complaining about ABC News squashing her coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex crimes.

Robach said that the network claimed nobody would know who Epstein was and held the story. She also said that the British Royal Family “threatened” the network over reporting on Prince Andrew’s purported connections with Epstein.


Although Project Veritas revealed the video on Tuesday morning, so far only Fox News has devoted coverage to the staggering allegations. The only network figure thus far to have mentioned the video in any notable capacity has been CNN’s Brian Stetler, who said in his nightly newsletter that the video had “caused widespread outrage, particularly on the right.

Which says a lot about the left.

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