Former Asst FBI Director: ‘Something fishy going on’ about the way FBI dropped Hillary charges

Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom

Former FBI assistant director James Kallstrom said he does not understand where FBI Director James Comey is coming from in his decision not to recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton and said he thinks “something fishy” is going on.

Comey made the announcement Tuesday, despite acknowledging the former secretary of state was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information.

“I have defended him in the past, but those days are over, Megyn,” Kallstrom said. “I thought the events of the last week — there was something fishy going on.”

“He goes through the whole charging memo — he reads every paragraph of it — and then he comes to that nonsensical conclusion that really wasn’t his to make,” the former FBI assistant director said.

Kallstrom said he spoke to two prosecutors Tuesday who said they’d “take that case in a heartbeat.” He added that he also spoke with 15 agents who are “worried about the reputation of the agency they love.”

“It’s not Comey’s right to sully that reputation… to soil that reputation,” he told host Megyn Kelley.