Fast-food restaurants are turning to robots because they can’t find enough humans

According to The Wall Street Journal.

Chains such as CaliBurger, Dunkin’ Donuts and Saladworks are looking to automation to help overcome the tight labor market; April saw 844,000 unfilled positions in the hospitality sector, and unemployment levels for restaurant workers sit at a record low of 6%. The rise in robotics isn’t affecting the number of hospitality workers being employed, however — hiring is up, with a rate of 18.4 workers per establishment compared to 17.4 in 2007.

I think it has less to do with the tight labor market as it does with the minimum wage requirements.

High school and college students looking for a part-time job are willing to work for a lot less than minimum wage. And their skill set demands less than minimum wage.

It’s now cheaper to install AI and robots than to hire real kids.

Well done, liberals.