Faces of the Portland riots: The brave and mostly peaceful neckbeards fighting for a more just world

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Not satire. 

Workers of the world, unite! Take a gander at the brave, unsung heroes of our age. These freedom fighters, fresh off the Portland battlefield, have struggled to bring about a better world – one where we are liberated from the tyranny of things like food, money, happiness, and oxygen.

The following individuals are some of those arrested this weekend in the ongoing crusade against the bourgeoisie and Orange Man Bad. 

Many of these gallant souls were among the 59 arrested during Saturday’s riot, where the evil Portland police kept these freedom fighters from firebombing the East Precinct of the city.


Keep on fighting the good fight, brave neckbeards! Keep combating fascism by using violence to impose your views on others, by silencing those who disagree, by portraying our civilization as the result of decay and corruption, by viewing some people as “lesser,” and by showing contempt for electoral democracy and rule of law! Heil Antifa!


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